Why You Should Consider a Gift From Your IRA

Due to recent tax changes, nearly two-thirds of people who once itemized deductions no longer do so. However, if you are least 70½ and have an IRA, an excellent tax savings vehicle remains for gift giving.
The tax law requires individuals who are at least 70½ to withdraw a certain amount every year and to pay income tax on it. This is called your required minimum distribution.
A separate law, however, says that if you make direct charitable gifts from these IRAs, you do not need to show these distributions as income.

 Example: Bob has a required minimum distribution in 2019 of $4,000, which will be taxed as ordinary income. Instead of taking the distribution himself, Bob directs the plan administrator to distribute $1,000 directly to The Cedars and another $1,000 to a different charity. He receives the remaining $2,000 distribution himself. Bob must only show $2,000 in ordinary income; the $2,000 to charities passes tax free.

 Although the example refers to the required minimum distribution, the annual maximum is actually $100,000. This makes IRA giving an excellent vehicle for fulfilling a charitable pledge as well.
Tax benefits vary in individual circumstances. You should always consult your financial advisor before making tax decisions.

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