Chaplain Services at The Cedars

Under the auspices of Spiritual Care Services of Maine, Sally Thomas has been providing chaplain services at The Cedars since June of 2023. She visits each of four Cedars neighborhoods once a month, offering both one on one pastoral care and group conversation. In each neighborhood she works with the Lifestyles Managers to help her understand what might be interesting or useful and then makes plans for conversation for each setting. Like many chaplains she knows, much of her training was gotten in a medical setting–in her case, during the many years she worked as an RN in oncology.

Her monthly visits to the Atrium follow a pattern: first she checks with participants giving each a chance to share what’s on their mind; then she presents a story, usually with material props of some kind, to provide a basis for spiritual conversation. (At a recent meeting, in telling an ancient Hebrew parable about a traveler in the desert who stops by an abandoned well, she brought sand, carefully wrapped and spread on a cloth, along with a miniature well and bucket.) Her goal is always to provide a welcoming environment that supports sharing about those existential human matters that are both ordinary and significant.  And she is always open to guidance from participants about their needs and interests.