Mindful Connections

Mindful Connections

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a form of dementia, you know how devastating this news can be. At The Cedars, we believe that people with memory loss have the ability to lead rich lives and make meaningful contributions to their community. Mindful Connections can help.

Our active, forward-thinking therapies, rooted in the latest cognitive scientific research and customized for unique life experiences and personal preferences, support individuals as they learn ways to live safely at home and make the most of every moment.

Our Specialized Services

Each Mindful Connections participant receives a thorough evaluation from an experienced Occupational Therapist certified in the Teepa Snow Positive Approach to Care. Assessments include in-depth interviews with family members and caregivers, standard evaluation tools, and skilled personal observation to determine the level of assistance each participant will need to live productively in their community.

  • Assessment: A thorough, caring and professional evaluation of key indicators and support systems for people in the early to moderate stages of memory loss.
  • Active Rehabilitation: In some cases, short term rehabilitation with certified occupational, physical or speech therapists may be recommended to provide strategies for increased engagement in daily activities and physical rehabilitation.
  • Wellness Group: A gathering of a small group of seniors and their Certified Dementia Practitioner with expertise in therapeutic recreation. While every participant has a customized treatment plan, seniors join together for specialized exercise, engage in activities to preserve cognition and spark purpose and pleasure, and social interactions that forge real friendships.

To learn more about how Mindful Connections outpatient program at The Cedars can help you or someone you love, contact the Program Coordinator at 207-221-7163.