Memory Care Assisted Living

Memory Care Assisted Living

At The Cedars we believe that people with memory loss can continue to engage in meaningful activities, make decisions about how they want to spend their days, and participate in their own overall health and wellness. The Lunder Memory Care Household for assisted living at Sam L. Cohen Households provides a safe, comfortable, secure HOME with person-centered, individualized care. The Household is thoughtfully designed for social engagement, security and cognitive stimulation – all in the comfort of home.

The Household has 20 private residences, each with a spacious bedroom and private bath. In the larger household spaces that the residents share with a small community of neighbors, they’ll find an open kitchen, dining space, a private dining room, den, living room, enclosed front porch and sun porch to outside garden areas. The unique physical environment honors privacy, fosters relationships and promotes a quality lifestyle.

The Cedars follows a person-centered approach to memory care, which encourages smart, compassionate responses to the challenging realities of brain change. Thoughtful evaluation and assessment focuses on each person’s strengths and provides an invaluable tool to assist with the development of individualized wellness plans that take into account changing abilities. Through the comprehensive life stories, staff insightfully support and celebrate each individual.

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