COVID-19: Updates at The Cedars

COVID-19 at The Cedars

At this time, The Atrium at The Cedars and the Back Bay Skilled Care Household at the Sam L. Cohen Households are free of COVID-19.

The Leibowitz Skilled Rehab Neighborhood at the Hoffman Center will be out of quarantine on Tuesday, January 25. The Shapiro Long-term Care Neighborhood at the Hoffman Center has one positive staff person and all residents were tested on Friday, January 21. The Black Wolf Neighborhood at the Hoffman Center is free of COVID-19.

The Osher Inn assisted living had two positive residents and five staff who had tested positive for COVID -19.  After three rounds of testing, all other staff and residents are negative. The quarantine period will end on Monday, January 24 at which time the residents will return to community dining and activities. Visitations in the residents’ apartments continued during the quarantine. 

The Lunder Memory Household has two staff positive for COVID-19 as of January 23. The staff who were exposed and residents are being tested on Sunday, January 23 and Monday January 24. In the event of any additional positives, we will notify the resident and family immediately.


Visitations at The Cedars

  • Indoor visitations will take place in either resident rooms or designated visitation areas in the facility.
  • Indoor visitations should be scheduled in advance if you would like to reserve a designated visiting space
  • All visitors must be screened at the Front Desk.
    • Visitors are encouraged to sanitize their hands and must wear a surgical mask; cloth masks are not acceptable.
    • If the resident is fully vaccinated, residents and visitors may remove their mask and have close contact in a designated visitation area or when visiting outside.
    • Visitors and residents must wear masks and physically distance from staff and other residents when outside of the designated visitation area

     Pet Visits:

    Pets may visit with resident if the pets are current with their immunizations. Please provide a copy of the pet’s immunization record prior to the visit.

          Learn more about The Cedars Telehealth Program here