Are You Ready to Live 100 Years?

Tips from Kathryn Callnan, The Cedars President and CEO, on active, healthy, rewarding aging.

Drawing from her life experience as a nurse and as the leader of the largest not-for-profit senior living community in northern New England, Kathy offers her best advice on preparing for and making the most of your later years:

  • Plan on living to the age of 100.
    Find the best providers for healthcare, rehabilitation, long-term care and assisted living. Decide where you would like to receive care in the event you are hospitalized.
  • Don’t assume that you’ll always be able to live at home.
    Determine if you will be happier and better cared for at home with services or by moving to a community. Then do your research, tour communities and get on a waiting list.
  • Talk with your children and let them know what you want before something happens.
    Do you want to live near them or stay where you are?
    Where would you want to receive care should you need it?