Appreciating the Art of Music at The Atrium

Every Thursday at 1:30, something transformational happens. Members of The Atrium independent living at The Cedars, gather to listen and experience a sound journey with a well versed musical host. Larry Merson, member since 2017, has been collecting vinyl records since he was able to purchase them. Growing up in New York City, he’s a devoted fan of the Metropolitan Opera and regales stories of going as a teenager when there was only standing room available, marveling at the great performers of his time. In addition He’s spent 50 years singing in a classical music choir and attributes much of his interest to his parents and favorite classical influences: Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach, along with several 20th century composers such as Poulenc and Debussy.

In addition to classical pieces, he offers some traditional Broadway plays and an occasional opera and operetta. “Die Fledermaus” a beloved operetta lasting 2.5 hours long is sometimes offered for those guests that wish to extend their musical stay and embark on a melodic, fun and at times capricious roller coaster of overtones.

During their visit, the listeners find themselves in the stillness of the music, where life begins to slow down and the present moment is invited in. A delightful mixture of new and old classics offers something for everyone and Larry is always open to requests and at times even makes digital copies for his guests seeking more enjoyment. A strategic arrangement of seating allows for excellent acoustics, where the sound is sure to pulsate into your heart.

For more information on retirement living at The Atrium, contact Angela D’Amours, Marketing Representative at 207-221-7100.