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What is a Person-Centered Approach and How Does It Help Seniors with Dementia?

The Cedars staff take an empathetic, positive approach with our seniors experiencing memory loss. See how this process empowers seniors, preserves independence, and enhances our many other therapeutic treatments. What is person-centered care? We all want to make decisions about the way we live our lives and this desire does not diminish as we age. In fact, it intensifies! Even older adults who need assistance with the activities of daily living or who are experiencing memory loss want and need to express personal preferences, make real choices, and participate in meaningful activities. For many years, care for older adults in community settings has taken an institutional approach, where decisions about schedules and activities are made by staff rather than residents. Even when these decisions are made with good intentions, the institutional model of care makes older adults passive participants in their own lives. If you cannot control when you...


Closer to Home: Construction Update

Our construction Team, PM Construction, continues to make steady progress on The Sam L. Cohen Households.The second elevator shaft is being completed and they have started the installation of the under slab utilities and perimeter drainage as well.  We marvel in each piece of the project, as it takes us closer to home for our residents. And we look forward to offering the new level of care, Memory Care Assisted Living in addition to Skilled Nursing Care in our three Households, with only 20 residents each in a private, home environment. For more information, call 221-7100 today....