Considering a Retirement Community?

Reasons to Move to a Retirement Community 

Every day, during our conversations with the seniors considering a move to The Atrium at The Cedars, we hear a number of reasons why they haven’t taken action yet.  The ones listed below we hear most often, and if we had a nickel for each time I heard them……well, you know the rest!

  • “I’m healthy.”   Great news – you are the perfect candidate for Independent Living!  And even better news, our community offers tai chi, yoga, strength training, an indoor pool, and a fitness center all under one roof, so you can maintain your health and well-being.  We also have visits from podiatrists, blood pressure clinics, and seasonal flu shots.  All this and a highly respected, state of the art rehabilitation facility, The Sam L. Cohen Rehab Center, right here when you need it.
  • “I can’t imagine fitting all my stuff into an apartment.”  But, do you really need all that stuff?    The term “downsizing” has a negative connotation – after all, who wants to head in a downward direction?   Think of it as “simplifying”.   Consider unburdening yourself from those crates, boxes, and files.  Anything you haven’t used, or even laid a hand on in years, is not serving you as it should.  Keep only what you really love or what is truly practical, give sentimental items to friends and family who you know will take good care of them, and the rest – let it go!
  •  “I don’t want to lose my independence.”   Do you rely on friends and family, neighbors perhaps, to run errands, shovel your driveway, or help with yard work and home maintenance?  Or are you struggling with doing these things yourself?  Independence comes from having options, vs. having to rely on someone else.   Independence comes from the will to make a change, rather than waiting for something to happen – at which point you may not be in control.   Independence is about choices.  Consider a move as gaining your independence, rather than losing it.  Our members at The Atrium will tell you that due to the level of services we provide (housekeeping, meals, and concierge services are only a few) they spend time doing things they love with people who matter.  Isn’t that a choice we all would make?     And finally ….
  • “I’m not ready.”   I could ask you “why?” and you could give me the excuses listed above, and more.  The question I pose is “What is holding you back?”  Try it – it’s a little harder to make excuses, isn’t it?  Ask yourself, “What is it that is keeping me from simplifying my living situation?”  “What is it that I’m holding on to?”  “What is preventing me from making a change I know is in my benefit?”  Tough questions, with some tough answers.  Some of those answers might require a bit of soul searching, some tough love on the part of your family and friends, and ultimately, the courage within to make a change.

For more information on retirement living, contact us or our marketing representative at 207-221-7100