Best Retirement Community: Visits at Skilled Care, Part III

Mother and daughter visiting

Help with Aging Parents: Four More Ways to Make the Most of Visits – Part III

By Melanie Desjardins, Manager of Care Coordination at The Cedars

The third part of our series on making the most of a visit with a loved on at The Cedars, senior living community. For more help, contact our Care Coordination department.

1.   Have grandchildren bring or send along artwork, papers  or projects from camp or school.  The delight that many residents get from seeing the works of children is wonderful – and the children benefit as well, receiving input and kudos from older adults.

2.  Plant and take care of an indoor/outdoor garden cart. Our outside patio is beautiful this time of year. Talk to the Life Enrichment staff for this activity.  In addition, taking a leisurely stroll through our community pathways provide a great opportunity to enjoy the flora.

3.  Do crossword or jigsaw puzzles together.  The neighborhoods all have large tables suitable for pondering over a large puzzle – and the conversations that take place during this activity are often nostalgic and fun.

4.  Give your loved one a gentle hand massage with nice-smelling lotion.  This is a great way to connect in a non-verbal way – our staff can help you with some simple pointers for giving a pleasant massage.

5.  Bring your pet in for a visit. (Please make sure you have completed a “Pet Health Certificate,” which is required before you may bring any pet to The Cedars) The benefits of pet therapy are great – see our prior blogs for the specifics!

Call us at 207-221-7100 with questions.