Thoughts About Giving: Annuals and Perennials

Whether you are an avid gardener of simply water the plants in your window, you know that there are two kinds of flowers.  “Annuals” are the ones you plant every year.  They are beautiful and varied, but come autumn, they are used up. 

“Perennials” are those which, when planted once, reappear every year – a gentle reminder that some work pays off well into the future.

Perennial gifts may also be called “planned gifts” and include such things as gifts from retirement accounts and will bequests.  These gifts may require a little extra effort now, but they will continue to bloom well into the future.  At The Cedars, those “extra effort” gifts provide a lasting legacy of compassionate care for our seniors.

For more information on planned giving opportunities, please contact Daniel Hoebeke, J.D., Charitable Gift Planner