The Cedars: Intensive Orthopedic Therapy Option

OTI ProgramThe Cedars has developed brand-new, innovative and intensive orthopedic therapies to put today’s younger, healthy patients on the fast track to full independence. In as few as five days, the elite team at The Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center can manage pain, accelerate recovery and improve the mobility of active patients after joint replacement surgery. Able to choose private rooms, pampered with spa-like amenities and engaged in daily, one-on-one therapies in our state-of-the-art gym, patients recover much faster and return, fully independent, to the life they love.

“Everyone wants to get out of the hospital after surgery,” explains Angela Hunt, Chief Operating Officer at The Cedars. “But returning home before you’re ready can actually set your recovery back. How will you navigate stairs, showers or cars? Manage your medications and your dressings? In just five days, we can give you the skills, strength and confidence to live at home the way you want.”

For active adults as young as 50 without significant health issues, a short inpatient rehabilitation gives the most benefit from their joint replacement. “I came to The Cedars after both my knee replacements,” explains recent intensive therapy patient Peter Fournier. “I expected to go home after my surgery, but my surgeon decided it would be best to have inpatient rehab. I can’t say enough about The Cedars—I’m so lucky they were able to take me. If I hadn’t gone there, I wouldn’t be finishing my outpatient therapy today, just in time to go ice fishing!”

“Being at The Cedars actually felt like home,” Peter adds. “It was nothing like being in the hospital.”

“Many patients say it’s even better than home,” Angela laughs. “We’re adding even more hotel-style amenties, too. Our Cater2You program will offer private lounges, massages and salon services, smoothies after their workouts, and freshly prepared gourmet meals from room service. We want each patient nourished, rested and focused on getting well.”

With unlimited visiting hours and personalized therapy schedules, patients can stay connected to their vibrant working and personal lives while significantly speeding up their recovery.

“These intensive therapies put The Cedars ahead of medical trends,” says Angela. “The five-day time frame meets the strict standard of care set by our Accountable Care Organization and it puts our patients ahead of the curve.” If you want to successfully manage your pain, recover the most range of movement and return to full independence as fast as possible, talk to your provider about making The Cedars part of your recovery plan.