Best Senior Care: Skilled Nursing Care at The Cedars

The staff and management at The Cedars have a constant eye towards providing excellent care in a compassionate environment.  Making this commitment to ourselves and the community requires continual insight and self-evaluation.  For the past ten years, The Cedars has held an annual Family Forum which brings together the families and friends of our Skilled Care residents.  The Forum creates the opportunity for us to hear from our family members what is working well for their loved ones and where we can make improvements.  

The general topics of discussion stem from results of a survey that are sent to residents and families in advance of the event.  Through thoughtful design, we ensure that the Forum facilitators create an open and encouraging atmosphere for discussion.  The feedback and suggestions we receive are highly valued and ultimately incorporated into our planning processes and program development. 

This year, follow up meetings with the family members are being held in each of our Neighborhoods.  That way, we can more clearly focus our concentrations on the specific needs and desires of the residents who are living within the same intimate community.  In addition, the direct care staff is able to respond and provide input to program changes.  

Let us know if you would like to learn more about The Cedars and our unique approach to senior care.