Best Retirement Community: Empathy in Patient Care

Today, The Cedars Retirement Community shared an interesting study on our FaceBook page which we found in the Huffington Post titled, “Doctor Empathy Linked With Better Patient Care”.  We are proud to say that the benefit of empathy in patient care has been at the core of The Cedars community and mission.  Interestingly, this emphasis is gaining traction beyond the nursing field. At The Cedars, students from the University of New England are starting a year-long learning experience with our community called their Interprofessional Geriatric Education Program (IGEP). 

Joe Wolfberg, M.S., Site-Coordinator for IGEP is hopeful that these scheduled interactions with our elder teachers will provide opportunities for clinical excellence, compassion and most certainly, empathy.  This week, Physician Assistant and Pharmacy students are starting at The Atrium, independent living and in coming months they will spend time with seniors at The Osher Inn, assisted living and then at the Skilled Care Center

The article in the Huffington Post sites a statement from the researchers: “our health care delivery systems must implement systematic change at the practice level to create an environment that supports mindful practice, encourages transparent and clear communication among clinicians, staff, patients, and families, and reduces professional isolation.”  The Cedars is proud to contribute to this vital practice