Sam L. Cohen Households: Open Fall 2020

Sam L. Cohen Households: Open Fall 2020

In September 2019 The Cedars began construction on the Sam L. Cohen Households which will include two skilled nursing and one memory care assisted living household.

The Household Model of Senior Living
The visionary and person-centered Household Model is earning praise across the country and fast becoming the best practice for an enlightened approach to senior care. At its core is a home environment that begins with a front door with a doorbell and features private bedrooms and bathrooms, a full kitchen that is open 24 hours a day, a living room, dining room, den, sun room, outside garden and other community spaces filled with natural lights. In addition to environmental changes, the transformation to the Household Model requires a vitally important culture change process for the entire staff that provides opportunities for continuous learning, creates blended workers, and completes the transition from the institutional model to a person-centered model of care.

Creating Home
The Household Model features a home environment where residents have choices, including when to wake up, what to eat, and how to spend each day, just like we do at home. It’s a model we believe will not only help meet and exceed the expectations of our senior population but will also be a shining example to our entire industry and will shape the way forward for the improvement of senior healthcare across the nation.

The Cedars responds to the challenges facing our industry today by making a bold move to transform senior care.

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For information about Skilled Nursing Care or Memory Care Assisted Living Households for a loved one, call us at 207-221-7000, ext #1426

The Household Model: Just Like Home
The kitchen is open 24 hours daily where the homemaker can prepare a favorite meal or snack
At the core of the household is a home environment, with a front door and door bell
The living room and den where residents can read, visit with friends, or watch a favorite show
Residents of the household will have their own bedroom with a private bath and shower

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