Challenging Ourselves As We Age: Retirement Living


If you’re fortunate enough to live into your 90’s – life is looking better and better.  Earlier today the Associated Press released a summary of findings from a Denmark study indicating that 95 year olds today are more mentally acute than those of ten years ago.  Although they are not sure why, scientists are chalking it up to better nutrition earlier on in life, as well as more intellectual stimulation. 

At The Cedars Retirement Community, we’re strong believers in offering multiple opportunities for mental challenge and stimulation – both for ourselves and our residents.  Members living in our independent living at The Atrium choose which types of programs they want to see.  What’s on our recent calendars?           

  • Historical lectures by members and guest speakers
  • Current Event Discussion Groups (this group often contacts local representatives)
  • Blackjack, Mahjong
  • Story writing and telling, “Legacy Letters”
  • Trips to OLLI and SAGE classes, PSO, Portland Stage

The mental invigoration doesn’t stop at The Atrium, however.  At the Osher Inn, assisted living at The Cedars, you’ll find

  • PC and ipad training
  • Book clubs
  • Brain fitness to include games and trivia
  • Excursions to museums and historical sights

Out Skilled Care Center offers more than ever, since so many of these residents receive the majority of their stimulation at The Cedars

  • Current Events
  • “Family Feud” among the neighborhoods
  • Community Bingo and Crosswords
  • Travelogues with residents and staff
  • Floral design and card making

For more information on our Life Enrichment at The Cedars and keeping mentally challenged as we age, contact Sharon Leddy-Smart, at