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9th Annual Auxiliary Golf Tournament

Supporting Our Seniors: The 9th Annual Cedars Auxiliary Golf Tournament By Beth Sheppard, Director of Development at The Cedars You’d think that a golf tournament would be all about high scores, sponsorships and prayers for good weather. But I’ve learned that the tournament run by the Cedars Auxiliary is all about…family. There were sister acts: former Tournament Chair Roz Siegel and her sister Judy Brams (daughters of Charlotte Siegel, who lives at the Osher Inn and who is herself a longtime member of the Auxiliary) played together. So did Ron Lessard Jr. of Interim Healthcare, one of our Silver Sponsors, and his dad, Ron Lessard Sr. Then there was the D.A.R. Inc. team that included Executive Director Angie Hunt, her husband Col. David Hunt, and her brother, Vincent Palangie. Before the tournament even started, incoming Auxiliary President Suzie Berzinis and her daughter Hannah – herself a Jr. Auxiliary member...


Visits II

Help with Aging Parents: Four More Ways to Make the Most of Visits – Part II By Melanie Desjardins, Manager of Care Coordination at The Cedars Have you ever thought, “What can I do with my loved one on this visit”? Well, here are some more ideas for your visit: 1. Go shopping from catalogs and/or the Internet and buy something new.  Remember there is a computer located in the Life Enrichment room for residents to use. Play cards. Make a special scrapbook celebrating your loved one’s lifetime or show already-made family scrapbooks, etc. Read newspapers and magazines aloud to keep them in touch with the world.  Reading the local newspaper is a great idea.  Remember, a visit doesn’t have to be long to be...