THE FASTEST WAY HOME: Rehabilitation Makes the Difference

“The Cedars has risen to the challenge of offering very high level programs with excellent therapies and recovery rates. I’m grateful. I know my patients are grateful, and I feel very lucky to live and work in a community with these kinds of options.” —BRIAN J. McGRORY, MD

“I’m very grateful for the work The Cedars does. They do a great job. They’re very dedicated to making people better.” –MICHAEL W. BECKER, MD

If your doctor recommends joint replacement surgery, you have a lot of decisions to make. The Cedars provides rehabilitation to over 600 Maine seniors every year, more than any other facility in the state. We want every patient to be empowered, informed and prepared. So we sat down with two experts—Brian J. McGrory, MD and Michael W. Becker, MD, of Maine Medical Partners Orthopedics—and asked what seniors should know. As a recent Medicare study placed their practice in the top 1% nationwide for quality of care, we knew they had important insights to share.

Orthopedic Surgeons Brian J. McGrory, MD and Michael W. Becker, MD
  1. Plan Ahead
    “In elective surgery, preparation is key,” Dr. McGrory explains. One of Maine’s most experienced joint replacement surgeons and talented researchers, Dr. McGrory works closely with patients and their families to plan for a successful surgery and a swift recovery. “I’m a surgeon, I don’t leave anything to chance,” he laughs.

    Dr. Becker agrees. As the Medical Director of the Joint Replacement Center at Maine Medical Center he joins discharge planners, nurses and other caregivers in informative, pre-operative meetings with patients and their families. “These classes connect patients and their families with their medical team, and gives them the chance to ask questions about all aspects of their care,” he says.

  2. Get the Level of Rehabilitation You Need
    Your doctor’s recommendations for post-operative care are based on many factors. The type of surgery, the amount of support at home, and other medical conditions that require treatment are just some of the considerations these surgeons discuss with patients and their families. “It’s a shared decision-making process,” says Dr. McGrory. “We work together to find the right pathway to recovery.”

    While most patients want to recover at home, if your doctor recommends inpatient rehabilitation, you should listen. “For patients who need inpatient rehab, recovery is faster—and patients swear by the rehab giving them that edge,” says Dr. Becker.

  3. See Rehabilitation Facilities for Yourself
    Both surgeons encourage patients and their families to visit potential rehabilitation facilities before making their choice. “We tell patients and their families to visit. If you have that comfort level, it makes a real difference,” says Dr. Becker.

  4. What You Should Look For During Your Visit
    One of the most important considerations is patient convenience. How easy is your rehabilitation center for family and friends to visit? How close is it to your hospital and your surgeon’s practice? “The Cedars is conveniently located,” Dr. Becker points out. “It’s easy for me to go there or for patients to get here without specialized transport.” 

    Seniors should also demand a high standard of care. “The clinical judgment of the staff is critical to us,” Dr. McGrory emphasizes. “Therapists and nurses need to be able to determine when their expertise is adequate or when we need to be involved. Good clinical judgment gives me such peace of mind.”

A patient receives therapy in the stunning rehabilitation gym at the Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center at The Cedars.

Both physicians give The Cedars high marks. “The Cedars is known to have a very good therapy staff and a very good gym, and they have a dedicated crew and a program geared towards the patients we are operating on. I’ve heard so many good things from patients over the years about their stay there,” reports Dr. Becker.

“We’re often asked for our recommendations,” adds Dr. McGrory. “The Cedars is on top of patients’ lists for convenience and care.” It’s on top of doctor’s lists for its staff.”

For Dr. McGrory, these accolades aren’t just professional—they’re personal. When his father needed both knees replaced, Dr. McGrory recommended Dr. Becker for the surgeries … and The Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center at The Cedars for both his recoveries. “My dad is 75 years old and he just went to Antarctica with my mom,” Dr. McGrory says. “He’s very active and really wanted to recover quickly, and was very hands-on with his own recovery. The Cedars did a really nice job.”

For more information on The Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center at The Cedars, call for a tour today 207-221-7000.