Assisted living and long-term care communities can help us survey residents about the importance of person-centered care.

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What is the Resident Survey?
The Resident Survey and the companion Resident-Representative Survey comprise one part of the Designation of Excellence (DoE) project’s effort to obtain resident views on person-centered care. The survey can be administered in any long-term care (LTC) setting that agrees to participate in the research. The survey captures how residents prioritize the many components of person-centered care. The survey administration process is designed so that all residents who have the ability to understand the questions and provide meaningful responses can complete the survey. For those residents who cannot complete the survey, their representative can do so on their behalf.

How is the Resident Survey structured?
The survey is available in two formats: a traditional paper survey and an electronic survey. Each format will be available to two populations: residents who can provide informed consent to participate in the survey and can complete it with or without staff assistance; and  resident-representatives of cognitively impaired residents who consent to participation in the survey. Resident-representatives will complete the survey on behalf of the resident. The survey contains a section with background demographic questions (e.g., age, veteran status, health status) and 11 sections on PCC (e.g., What Matters to Me, My Choices, My Daily Routine).  Completing the survey takes between 15-30 minutes depending on whether and to what extent a resident needs assistance.

How can LTC settings participate?
LTC settings that wish to administer the survey can register at this link. Informational Zoom sessions will be held during September and October. When settings register at the link above, they will receive the Zoom link and a choice of session dates. (Attendance at a Zoom session is not required, but may be helpful in understanding the details of the survey. Sessions will be held every Tuesday from Aug 31 through November 16 from 1-2 pm EST.) Once settings have registered, a Project team member will be in touch by email or phone to support you throughout the process. A survey Instruction Guide is available to assist you with recruiting residents to participate in the study. Once you have recruited residents, the Project team will mail out the requisite number of paper surveys and informed consent documents, along with a prepaid, addressed return envelope. If you wish to make the electronic survey available to residents, your setting can access the link from the Instruction Guide.

What will happen with the survey data?
The survey data will be analyzed by the Project team. Residents’ input will help in developing a Designation of Excellence in Person-Centered Care toolkit. This toolkit will provide long-term care communities with resources to improve care for residents.  We hope to engage as many residents as possible across the spectrum of physical and cognitive abilities.

Have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us at or 207.221.7007. We want to hear from you!

This project has been approved by the University of Maine Institutional Review Board



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