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Celebrating Our Heroes at The Cedars

Each month, The Cedars celebrates our Culture Change Heroes – those staff that stand out for their leadership and team work, while embracing person-centered care in their interactions with the older people living at The Cedars. Since December, we’ve had the chance to recognize the following heroes: Joe Gerardo in Environmental Services; Melissa Deering, Amber Schmidt, Connie Poole, Tracy Coburn in Nursing; and Amy Callison, Neighborhood Homemaker. Here is what makes these heroes standout, in the words of their peers:

Going above and beyond to improve the quality of life and care for our residents. Through hard work with maintenance repairs and improving residents’ day … Read more here.

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Sam L. Cohen Foundation’s Largest Gift Benefits The Cedars

In honor of Sam’s legacy, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation has made its largest gift ever—$1.5 million—to support building a brand-new Healthcare Center at The Cedars that will provide truly person-centered care.

“Sam L. Cohen was, first and foremost, a people person. When the Foundation was first established, we researched the gifts Sam had made during his life,” explains Jeff Nathanson, President of the Sam L. Cohen Foundation. “Sam wasn’t here to tell us what he wanted and we hoped to discover what inspired his legendary, lifelong giving to guide us in our grant making.

It quickly became very clear to us that Sam didn’t give to organizations or ideas. Sam gave to people.”

SAM L. COHEN WAS THE … Read more here.

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Kelly Yattaw Recognized by Maine State Ombudsman

We are excited to share that The Cedars’ Kelly Yattaw has been chosen by the State of Maine Ombudsman for the EXCELLENCE IN LONG-TERM CARE AWARD.

Kelly has been working at The Cedars for 10 years – as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Rehabilitation Aide and super valuable team member. Here are some of Kelly’s special characteristics that we highlighted when nominating her for the award:

Understands the value of person-centered care and makes it a priority
Cultivates excellence and strong leadership qualities
Demonstrates sincere compassion and understanding of dementia
An inspiration to watch as she makes difficult situations appear easy
Embraces a challenge
Willing to assist staff, always
States what is on her mind
Infuses her incredible sense of humor in … Read more here.

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Celebrating Our Staff at The Cedars

Thank you, Roxanne, for 30 years of dedication and caring!

The Cedars took the opportunity of a mid-summer cook out to celebrate our employees and community. The residents, staff and families gathered today recognize staff who have been working with The Cedars for 5, 10, 15 20, 25 and even 30 years! Many people were highlighted, and here is some of the attributes and qualities that the team members commended in each other:

Advocates for the residents
Sharing their expertise and experience
Always willing to help
Motivate their resident with love and care
Handles challenging situations with ease and competence
Wears many hats
Teacher, caregiver, nurse
Dependable, … Read more here.

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CNA Plus Program Graduates First Class

Six individuals graduated from the CNA Plus Program at The Cedars this past Friday, helping to fill much-needed healthcare positions in long term care.  CNA Plus is a result of the collaboration among Southern Maine Community College, the Root Cellar, the Boyne Foundation and The Cedars that trains individuals, including members of Portland’s immigrant population, as direct care workers and transitions them to full time jobs.

The program provides qualified applicants with English Language Learning assistance, if needed, and a full scholarship into the 12 week program. In addition to the CNA (certified nursing assistant) certification, they … Read more here.

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Bold Transitions: Defining Leadership at The Cedars

In the Households at The Cedars, we are committed to encouraging leadership through high involvement, communication, a learning climate, conflict resolution, and teams.

Leadership is a characteristic, not a position – and it’s for everyone, not just for those who have been given a title or managed a department.  Leadership is finding everyday ways to make a difference. We lead when we tune into the bigger environment, listen to critics, challenge assumptions, search for information and knowledge – and see something that others don’t see.

Think of a time in your life when you’ve been a leader – helping your children … Read more here.

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Growing Bold through Learning Circles

As we progress on our transformation into the Household Model, The Cedars is learning and evolving in many ways. One helpful tool in our process has been the Learning Circle. Staff throughout the community are finding the value of this communication method where trust and understanding are fostered and diverse perspectives are welcomed, shared and respected.

The Learning Circle begins when the facilitator poses a question or issue for the group, and then a volunteer responds with their thoughts on the topic. The person on the left or the right of that person goes next, followed one by one around the circle … Read more here.

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The Cedars Learning Center: the Best of the Bold

Gillian Jembere, Certified Nursing Assistant at The Cedars

The Cedars Learning Center will address the national shortage of skilled senior care providers.

TODAY OUR NATION faces a steep rise in its senior population and a critical shortfall of skilled caregivers. As the second-oldest state in the nation, Maine will feel this shortage more than most. We can’t wait for others to build tomorrow’s workforce. We must do it ourselves—beginning now.

“Over the next two years, in conjunction with industry thought leaders, The Cedars will be committing its resources to the development of a Learning Community™ —an in-house teaching and learning resource with which … Read more here.

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Concepts in Culture Change at The Cedars

What is Culture Change?

A PersonFirst approach to care (see below)
It requires knowledge of our residents’ preferences and life stories
It needs facility systems that support our staff in providing care on our residents’ own schedule and preferences
It requires empowerment of our staff in self-directed teams so that they can make decisions in the moment, for our residents

The Cedars has been on the Culture Change journey for a while. And now we have a company called Action Pact to help us. They are experts on Culture Change and provide trainings for staff in all departments, volunteers, family and residents.

The PersonFirst Approach

In order to make home, we … Read more here.

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A Bold Beginning: Transformational Gala

George Marcus, The Cedars Board of Trustees and Campaign Chair, introduces Elizabeth and Sidney Geller to announce their historic $4 million leadership gift.

ELIZABETH AND SIDNEY GELLER ANNOUNCED their historic gift at The Cedars Transformation Gala on November 5. This inspiring and energizing intergenerational kickoff of the Grow Bold With Us Campaign gathered over 150 distinguished guests, including former governor John Baldacci and Action Pact President Steve Shields, to learn about the big challenges ahead of us—and The Cedars bold plans to meet them.

The Cedars wishes to thank the Geller family, our event sponsors Action Pact, Bangor Savings … Read more here.

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