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The Cedars Celebrates Groundbreaking for the Sam L. Cohen Households

The Cedars welcomed our community to join us in commemorating a powerful and pivotal moment in the Grow Bold With Us Campaign.

THE DAY BEFORE the groundbreaking ceremony for the much-anticipated Sam L. Cohen Households, construction crews arrived at The Cedars to begin tearing down a building set on the corner of our campus, clearing the way for the construction to come. By the time honored guests, supporters, community members, staff, and residents arrived on September 21, enormous excavators surrounded the crisp white event tent. The air was charged with excitement, optimism, and change. After so much hope and hard work, the … Read more here.

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Music and Memory Gives the Gift of Music

Nick Viti“We experience a deeper connection to events in our lives that we associate with music,” says Nick Viti, OTR/L, Manager of Life Enrichment at The Cedars. “Certain songs conjure up very rich and specific memories. For anyone experiencing memory loss, music is a powerful tool.”

Thanks to a generous new grant from the nonprofit group Music and MemorySM, The Cedars has exciting new ways to use the power of music to help residents preserve and protect their memory, calm or uplift their emotions and enrich their lives.

The Cedars received the entire … Read more here.

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The Cedars: Setting the Standard for Long Term Care

From the Medical Director …

Dr. Richard Marino, Medical Director

Dr. Richard Marino, Medical Director at The Cedars

When we create a personalized care plan at The Cedars, we want to know what each resident’s needs are – even if they can’t express them verbally.  We never stop asking residents and their families, “What’s right for you?” We then decide how to meet those needs with the fewest number of medications possible while using the most current medical research and protocols.

This approach is showing significant results. Our hospital readmission rates have dropped to just 9%, less than half the national average. We have also … Read more here.

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Healing Leads to a Homecoming: The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars Retirement Community

The PochebitsWHEN Mary Carol Pochebit began experiencing increasingly severe medical and mobility issues, she and her husband, John, faced a difficult choice. They wanted to stay together in the home they had shared for over 50 years. But Mary Carol needed more assistance with the activities of daily living than John could provide, and more acute medical care than she was eligible for at home.

“We have a big, close family,” John explains. “But only one of my sons lives close by. I couldn’t even get Mary to her doctor appointments without calling him.”

Like many seniors, the Pochebits had many apprehensions and misconceptions about … Read more here.

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Staff Volunteer Spotlight at The Cedars Retirement Community

Mike MorrillMike Morrell has been working at The Cedars for the past 22 years in the Environmental Services and Medical Supplies Departments.  For the past six years, Mike has volunteered his own time to The Cedars through one-on-one visits with our residents, providing assistance with dining on the Neighborhoods, and coming in on Thanksgiving and Christmas to help with the holiday meals. Last year he brought in his young grandson, Harry to join the fun.

Anyone who knows Mike is aware of two things: he has a huge heart and he has a passion for collecting sea glass. “It’s very … Read more here.

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The Cedars Thanks Our Nursing Assistants

CNA Day“They’re the backbone of our healthcare at The Cedars,” Chief Operating Officer Angie Hunt explains, pictured here with CNA April McDonald.  “We wouldn’t be where we are as an organization today without them.”

At last week’s ‘CNA Day” celebration, Angie was extolling the tremendous value that our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) bring to The Cedars.  These men and women,  several who have been working with The Cedars for greater than ten years, provide the daily support and care to our residents living at our Skilled Care and Rehabilitation Centers as well as The Osher Inn, assisted living at The Cedars. Angie continued, “They provide excellent care and are the most kind and compassionate people … Read more here.

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Rehabilitation at The Cedars: Focus on Occupational Therapy

Occupational TherapyAt The Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center at The Cedars, we have over 40 physical, occupational and speech therapists that provide rehabilitative therapy to our short term patients, long term residents, and outpatients living in the Portland area.  Heidi Graf, Director of Rehabilitation at The Cedars and an occupational therapist herself, describes the role of an OT as restoring balance in the patient’s life by helping patients return to their optimal level of functioning in self-care. 

Balance in self-care is a combination of caring for our bodies through bathing, dressing and grooming, and as well as through the reintegration of leisure activities into our lives.  During the initial evaluation … Read more here.

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Thank You for Your Support

    As the holiday season approaches, The Cedars would very much appreciate your support. The remaining weeks of the year give you a final opportunity to balance your income and giving for the tax year. When you give a gift to a qualified nonprofit organization, such as The Cedars, you receive an income tax deduction. Even if your income is less this year than it was last year, you may still want to offset it with a tax deductible contribution. As a reminder, some gifts, such as stock or a charitable distribution from your IRA take a little bit of time to execute.

Each year we take care of hundreds of seniors … Read more here.

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Round-the-Clock Care for Seniors: The Cedars After Dark

 “We let families visit whenever they want. All they have to do is ring the doorbell, just like home.” —HANNAH TEMPLE, RN, The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars

THE CEDARS is a bright and bustling place during the day, but the compassionate care and sense of community don’t stop when the sun goes down. In fact, they don’t even slow down. It gets quieter, but The Cedars still hums with activity after dark.

“Part of creating a homelike environment is letting residents and patients create their own schedules,” explains Hannah Temple, RN, Evening Shift Supervisor. “We have early risers and we have night owls—and we take the … Read more here.

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Health and Healing in Senior Living

Exploring Guided Imagery by Alyson Bishop, Care Coordinator at The Cedars

Last month I reviewed the basic principles of Progressive Relaxation, with the main benefits of that practice being improved comfort and stress relief.  Another complementary exercise that I often recommend is called Guided Imagery.  Guided Imagery offers similar benefits, but can be more widely used and requires less physical skill; it is one of the more attainable adjunct therapies. 

Guided Imagery is essentially an elaborate name for directed daydreaming, with the vast possibility for changing one’s mood and sense of wellness.  All types of people, from star athletes to patients with significant illness, have successfully used … Read more here.

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