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Are You Ready to Live 100 Years?

Tips from Kathryn Callnan, The Cedars President and CEO, on active, healthy, rewarding aging.

Drawing from her life experience as a nurse and as the leader of the largest not-for-profit senior living community in northern New England, Kathy offers her best advice on preparing for and making the most of your later years:

Plan on living to the age of 100.
Find the best providers for healthcare, rehabilitation, long-term care and assisted living. Decide where you would like to receive care in the event you are hospitalized.
Don’t assume that you’ll always be able to live at home.
Determine if you will be happier and better cared for at home with services or by moving to a … Read more here.

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In Good Company with Angie D’Amours from The Cedars Retirement Community

Angie D'Amours 002As I get to know the many, wonderful members at The Atrium at The Cedars in my role as Marketing Representative, I frequently find myself surprised by what I hear.  Members often explain their reasons for choosing our retirement community: proximity to downtown Portland, sense of security from our continuum of care, or relief from the burden of home ownership.  Once they arrive, although they may have expected the warm welcome from our community, they are often amazed to find themselves developing new friendships. Real, true friendships with peers who share their stories, provide fellowship and offer support.  It seems that this facet of their lives, this idea … Read more here.

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Choosing a Senior Living Community: 5 Important First Impressions

Mother and Daughter

When starting the search for a senior community for either yourself or your parent or loved one, first impressions are  key to finding the best fit.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your initial visits.

1. Do you like the community’s location and outward appearance?

Is the community convenient to restaurants, shops, symphony, theater, physicians, hospitals and pharmacies?  Does it connect you to opportunities beyond the campus that allow for enjoyment of a larger community?  Are the grounds and building well maintained, with plenty of gardens and walking trails?

 2. Are you welcomed with a warm greeting from the staff?  And does the staff address residents by … Read more here.

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Best Senior Living: Tips to Overcome the Winter Blues

wintersportsHaving a difficult time getting yourself motivated following the holidays? You’re not alone and with just a little effort, you can turn your free time during winter into something new and exciting. Here are some things you might try:

Exercise. Get your blood pumping and get a better attitude about everything with daily exercise. It can improve your body and your mind. Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit – try a mall if you’re looking for someplace ice-free.Read a good book. Do a cross-word puzzle. They keep your mind working.
Find a new hobby. Try something different. Look into your … Read more here.

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Matters of the Heart: Finding New Love in Our Later Years

Bob and Lauretta

BOB NEEDED A PLUS ONE. His daughter, Kathryn Callnan, President and CEO of The Cedars, wanted him to join a family birthday celebration in Old Orchard Beach. He’d only been living at The Osher Inn for one month, but he knew exactly who he wanted to bring. “I’d noticed Lauretta in the dining room,” he explains, eyes twinkling. “This was my big chance.”

“And we’ve been together ever since!” Lauretta says.

Talking with Bob Callnan and Lauretta Torraca, they feel as though they’ve been together for years, not less than six months. Both widowed, they had each raised large families … Read more here.

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Tips for a Successful Return Home: Rehabilitation at The Cedars

Exercise BikeAre you anticipating a rehabilitation stay in the new future?  Whether you have an upcoming surgery scheduled, or you or a loved one is experiencing an unexpected rehabilitation stay, here are a few tips that may help your return home easier.

1. Expect things to be different.  Recovery can take a while and in some cases you may need to make modifications around the house or get extra assistance from caregivers. Recognizing that these adjustments will ultimately result in a safer and more comfortable living environment may relieve some of the stress associated with the transition.
Start planning early. If you think you’ll need to make some changes around the house, or … Read more here.

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An Afternoon of Watercolors: The Atrium at The Cedars

Gloria's watercolor class 001For the past several months, member at The Atrium at The Cedars, Gloria Hodgkins has been guiding her fellow members through an afternoon of watercoloring.  On this particular fall day, Gloria was just getting started with a member and her daughter.  “So many of us have painted before, and we love it because we can spend as much or as little time in an afternoon as we’d like,” she explained.

Gloria came to The Atrium from Bremen, Maine where she was an avid painter.  She recalls how she worked alongside the late Chip (Alfred) Chadbourne of Yarmouth during her more prolific years of painting.  Together, they would often gather friends on Saturdays to … Read more here.

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Help with Aging Parents: Reminiscence Therapy

Many of us have the opportunity to visit a parent or grandparent at their home in an assisted living or skilled care community like The Cedars.  We may see them frequently, if they live nearby, or only on occasion if they’re out of state.  Either way, we want to make the most of the these get togethers – and revisiting fond memories can bring lots of smiles to everyone.

Reminiscence Therapy is a wonderful way to enhance quality of life through laughter, sharing and feelings of acceptance.  This can be a great thing to do while visiting a loved one at The … Read more here.

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Healing Leads to a Homecoming: The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars Retirement Community

The PochebitsWHEN Mary Carol Pochebit began experiencing increasingly severe medical and mobility issues, she and her husband, John, faced a difficult choice. They wanted to stay together in the home they had shared for over 50 years. But Mary Carol needed more assistance with the activities of daily living than John could provide, and more acute medical care than she was eligible for at home.

“We have a big, close family,” John explains. “But only one of my sons lives close by. I couldn’t even get Mary to her doctor appointments without calling him.”

Like many seniors, the Pochebits had many apprehensions and misconceptions about … Read more here.

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Best Retirement Community: 5 Questions You Should Ask When Looking at a Senior Community

Angie D'Amours 002

What To Look For In a Retirement Community by Angie D’Amours, Marketing Representative at The Cedars

1. What are the living options within the retirement community?

So often our members talk about the peace of mind that comes from living at The Cedars because we offer a full continuum of senior health services.  In addition to fully independent living we have concierge services, assisted living, short term rehabilitation and skilled care on our campus.  And because The Cedars has been providing health care to seniors for so long, we have a strong reputation in the Portland area for providing excellent care. So when looking at senior living communities not only … Read more here.

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