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In Good Company with Angie D’Amours from The Cedars Retirement Community

Angie D'Amours 002As I get to know the many, wonderful members at The Atrium at The Cedars in my role as Marketing Representative, I frequently find myself surprised by what I hear.  Members often explain their reasons for choosing our retirement community: proximity to downtown Portland, sense of security from our continuum of care, or relief from the burden of home ownership.  Once they arrive, although they may have expected the warm welcome from our community, they are often amazed to find themselves developing new friendships. Real, true friendships with peers who share their stories, provide fellowship and offer support.  It seems that this facet of their lives, this idea … Read more here.

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Choosing a Senior Living Community: 5 Important First Impressions

Mother and Daughter

When starting the search for a senior community for either yourself or your parent or loved one, first impressions are  key to finding the best fit.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your initial visits.

1. Do you like the community’s location and outward appearance?

Is the community convenient to restaurants, shops, symphony, theater, physicians, hospitals and pharmacies?  Does it connect you to opportunities beyond the campus that allow for enjoyment of a larger community?  Are the grounds and building well maintained, with plenty of gardens and walking trails?

 2. Are you welcomed with a warm greeting from the staff?  And does the staff address residents by … Read more here.

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The Cedars: The Value of Companionship As We Age

“We have the same basic needs and desires in our later years,” explains Richard Marino, MD, Medical Director at The Cedars. “We need friendships and companionship. Relationships improve the quality of our lives, and can actually extend our lives.”

It has been observed that mortality rates slightly decrease just prior to major holidays and life events, suggesting that spending time with those that we love has a beneficial effect on our survival. Research has shown that sexual activity and other forms of physical and emotional affection lowers the risk of depression in seniors.*

That’s why Dr. Marino makes it a priority to support healthy, consensual relationships that form at … Read more here.

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Book Clubs, Lectures and Cook-Outs at The Atrium

books460[1]This week at The Atrium at The Cedars, in addition to their regular water aerobics, strength training and yoga fitness classes, they are enjoying a lecture by historian, Jerry Wiles about Dolly Madison; the Longfellow Book Club discussion on All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr; and a mid-winter cook-out as we raise our glasses to the warm weather ahead.  If you’re interested in finding more out about life at The Atrium, call Angela D’Amours, Marketing Representative at 207-221-7100.

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Matters of the Heart: Finding New Love in Our Later Years

Bob and Lauretta

BOB NEEDED A PLUS ONE. His daughter, Kathryn Callnan, President and CEO of The Cedars, wanted him to join a family birthday celebration in Old Orchard Beach. He’d only been living at The Osher Inn for one month, but he knew exactly who he wanted to bring. “I’d noticed Lauretta in the dining room,” he explains, eyes twinkling. “This was my big chance.”

“And we’ve been together ever since!” Lauretta says.

Talking with Bob Callnan and Lauretta Torraca, they feel as though they’ve been together for years, not less than six months. Both widowed, they had each raised large families … Read more here.

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Holiday Tea and Tour

tea and tour shine compr

See what makes us shine!
Join members of The Atrium for an afternoon of festive live music, holiday fare and tours of our beautiful apartments.
Thursday December 4, 2014
FMI and RSVP to 221-7100

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The Atrium at The Cedars: Music and Healing

meditationThe members at The Atrium recently experienced a new kind of spiritual journey. Visitor, Todd Glacy shared with us his musical instruments including gong, didgeridoo, Native American flute and singing bowls that he uses in his sound healing, rhythm and meditation workshops. Over the 45 minute session, the members sat back and received the musical vibrations that Todd created. The reactions immediately following the session included: “Powerful” “Emotionally moving” and “When can we do this again?”

Here is a glimpse of Todd’s perspective on his work:

“I am constantly fascinated and amazed by these incredible instruments. Their history, mystery and sounds … Read more here.

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Retiring Parents: Downsizing with Kate Lowry

kate lowry
At some point we are all faced with that difficult decision about when and how to talk with our parents about downsizing and moving.  Whether they’re fit and healthy, or ailing and need care, the conversation is inevitable.
The best scenario is when our parents decide to move to a retirement-type place on their own, while they’re in good enough health to complain about all the packing.
But when this kind of move is reactionary to illness or death, or to a cooking fire that sets off the internal alarm of the family, the stress is magnified.  Moving is hard enough as it is.  When you complicate it with age, depression, illness and quick decision-making, this kind of … Read more here.

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Downsizing with Kate Lowry

Please join us for a seminar in downsizing
with expert  and president of Kate Lowry Designs, LLC
at The Atrium
Thursday November 20, 2014

FMI and RSVP 207-221-7100

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Portland Maine’s Congress Street: Top Ten Great Streets in America

Congress Street Portland Maine compressedPortland’s “main street” – better known as Congress Street – was recently named one of the top 10 “Great Places in America: Streets” by the American Planning Association. Anyone who’s familiar with Portland would agree that this thoroughfare embodies the culture, history and eclectic charm that are summed up in Portland’s slogan, Life’s Good Here.

What makes Congress Street so special? Here’s a taste of what it offers –

 A delightful mix of historical architectural styles from 18th century Colonial and 19th century Federal to 20th century International and 21st century Post Modern
Arts District with numerous art galleries, theaters, museums, institutes, and schools
First Friday Art … Read more here.

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