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Are You Ready to Live 100 Years?

Tips from Kathryn Callnan, The Cedars President and CEO, on active, healthy, rewarding aging.

Drawing from her life experience as a nurse and as the leader of the largest not-for-profit senior living community in northern New England, Kathy offers her best advice on preparing for and making the most of your later years:

Plan on living to the age of 100.
Find the best providers for healthcare, rehabilitation, long-term care and assisted living. Decide where you would like to receive care in the event you are hospitalized.
Don’t assume that you’ll always be able to live at home.
Determine if you will be happier and better cared for at home with services or by moving to a … Read more here.

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The Cedars Retirement Community: Auxiliary Member Receives Mentor Award

Kathy Callnan, CEO and Rena Becker, Auxiliary Member

Rena Levy Becker of The Cedars Retirement Community in Portland, Maine is the 2013 Partners in Senior Life “Rose M. Richshafer Senior Mentor Award” winner.

Rena joined The Cedars Auxiliary in 1992 and quickly rose through the ranks ultimately becoming their President in 2006. Prior to becoming President, Rena took on many jobs – ranging from serving on the finance committee to being the go-to person for the annual phonathon.

She doubled attendance at The Cedars 75th Anniversary Gala by inviting all her own friends and neighbors and since 2004 many of those friends and neighbors have been … Read more here.

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Farewell Everett


Longtime employee at The Cedars, Everett Winslow, passed away earlier this week.  Perennially loyal and hardworking, Everett had been a stable force in the Environmental Services Department at The Cedars for over 15 years.  “He would show up early for every shift – never wanting to be late.  Truly one of the most dedicated employees I’ve ever seen,” Director Ben Ellis recalls.  “We will miss his understated, friendly manner.”  Everett was known for keeping a low profile, but managed to interact with everyone.

Kathy Callnan, President and CEO, recalls a challenging situation several years ago during construction when the electrical power to … Read more here.

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Happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday to us!  Twenty-one years today – on August 11, 1991 to be exact –we moved into our beautiful new campus on Portland’s Ocean Avenue. Kathryn Callnan, now president and CEO of The Cedars, was then the director of nursing and orchestrated the move.

Swan Colpits, then director of recreational therapy, and longtime Board member Charles “Cuddy” Cohen help resident Edna Zeeman move into her new home in August 1991.

“We had 62 volunteers, just on the nursing side that day,” remembers Kathy. “One volunteer for each resident.” The volunteers stayed with them all day from … Read more here.

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Best Senior Living Community – Kathy Callnan

Kathy Callnan - CEO at The CedarsPosted by Kathryn Callnan, President and CEO at The Cedars, Southern Maine’s premier retirement community.

I have been reflecting on my thirty-plus years with this wonderful organization. I came to The Cedars as a nurse, and I still believe that the compassion and comfort we offer Maine’s seniors and their families is still our greatest strength.

I am so proud of our rich history, the wide range of living choices we provide as well as the quality of care and service for which we continue to be celebrated today. There is no place in all of … Read more here.

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