your care

skilled care home pageWhere can you find compassionate long-term care for seniors? At The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars in Portland, Maine, compassionate nursing care is care centered on you. Making sure you are surrounded by familiar faces you know and trust, that you receive services on a schedule that you like best and in an environment that feels like home drives every choice we make. At a time that seniors often feel the least in control of their own wellbeing, The Cedars skilled nursing care team considers you first when considering your care.

Welcome to the Neighborhood
Moving into The Skilled Care Center at The Cedars is a lot like any move you have ever made – as you settle in, curious new neighbors will stop by to get to know you. Our team members will sit down and interview you and your family to get your Life Story. Why? We want to know about the experiences you have had, the lifestyle you are used to, the things that make you feel most at home. Your Life Story will help us design a personalized wellness plan that keeps you well, comfortable and in control of your care.

The Neighborhood model of care reflects industry-wide changes in how long-term skilled nursing care is provided to seniors. At The Cedars, your Neighborhood is a care center made up of familiar faces you will know and trust to provide your daily care. Your Neighborhood care team will look after your social and intellectual engagement, provide nutritional and dietary monitoring, and offer podiatry, audiology, pharmacy, mental health, hospice, lab and x-ray services whenever you need them.

The medical benefits of a Neighborhood skilled nursing care model are well documented, but at The Cedars, the benefits are something you can feel from the moment you walk through the door. The Skilled Care Center is a warm, welcoming and homelike environment where our seniors feel safe, cared for, comfortable and in control.

The Skilled Care Medical Team

All medical services provided by The Cedars skilled nursing care team are overseen by your personal physician and directed by your personalized wellness plan. Our experienced nursing staff provides 24-hour skilled care with specialized expertise in the areas of post-surgical care, medication management, and multiple and complex medical conditions. Our seniors benefit from regular interaction with our on-site physician, nurse practitioner, and team devoted exclusively to the medical care of seniors.