enrichment and wellness

Fitness Classes
Your personalized wellness plan may call for chair-based exercise or supervised cardiovascular, strength-building or stretching exercises to help you feel your best. Your Neighborhood staff offers a variety of exercise classes to fit your needs.

Wellness Workshops and Health Services
Workshops on nutrition, strength and fitness contribute to our seniors’ healthy and well-balanced lifestyles. Health services such as  24/7 nursing and medical services customized to your needs, audiology, podiatry services and other convenient clinics are brought right to our skilled nursing care community at convenient, regular times. Transportation to medical appointments and medication management ensure our seniors receive appropriate and timely preventative and therapeutic care.

Eating Wisely and Well
Delicious, healthy, nourishing meals are one of life’s great joys. Our in-house chef has won back-to-back annual awards for chowder and chili recipes, and our dining team specializes in heart-healthy dishes and traditional favorites that you will look forward to, every day. Personalized wellness plans including special dietary requirements are supervised by our Licensed Dietician.

Our Neighborhood model of skilled nursing care lets you decide how, and when, you eat your meals. If you prefer to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely late breakfast in your own room, our skilled nursing care team is happy to indulge you. Each meal is available at a range of times and in a variety of locations, so you can choose the dining experience that suits you best.

You can also entertain friends or family in the skilled nursing care center Dining Room, a pleasant, sun-drenched space overlooking our lovely landscaped patio and fountain. Talk to your Neighborhood skilled nursing care team about hosting your own celebratory gathering, or letting your family know about the many regular Sunday brunches, barbecues and dinners open to your loved ones.

Nick Viti OTR/L, Director of Life Enrichment at The Cedars

Our Life Enrichment team engages residents in rich and meaningful activities while fostering a true sense of community. As our Manager of Life Enrichment, Nick Viti provides one-on-one occupational therapy to residents while creating and customizing programming to reinforce and enhance that therapy. “Because I’m in the therapy gym with residents, I know their strengths and challenges firsthand. I don’t have to design one activity to fit all. I get to design an activity for one person.”

Nick works closely with nursing, dining, activities and housekeeping staff to keep everyone’s focus on individualized care. Together, they customize each resident’s daily routine to honor that resident’s personal preferences, life history and customized care plan.

“The Life Stories are where we start,” Nick says. “To make The Skilled Care Center truly feel like home, we have to know what ‘home’ means to each resident. Were they part of a large family, or an only child? Did they have a 9-to-5 job, work the night shift or stay at home? We don’t want to force them into new habits or routines. We want to recreate their world as much as possible.”

“We don’t want schedules to feel rigid,” Nick explains. “If every week repeats the same schedule, even favorite activities start to feel stale. We let residents lead the way and we let ourselves be inspired by what’s happening indoors, and out.”

For more information on Life Enrichment in the Neighborhoods contact Nick at nviti@thecedarsportland.org