out-patient therapy

Outpatient Therapy at The Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center

Exercise BikeWhere can you find a rehabilitation center for seniors? At The Sam L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center at The Cedars in Portland, Maine, you’ll find not only state-of-the-art physical in-patient rehabilitation, but a holistic focus on wellness that includes several outpatient therapy programs. For seniors living in the Portland area, the clinical expertise at The Cedars is available on an outpatient basis.  Whether you are continuing therapy after a short-term rehabilitation or hospital stay, or your physician has ordered therapy for you, The Cedars can help.

Physical Therapy: Our clinical staff helps seniors with their physical strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, among other needs.  The Physical Therapists teach walking skills and transferring to promote maximal independence.

Occupational Therapy: Customized Occupational Therapy programs help improve your ability to conduct activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, rooming and personal hygiene.  Other therapists provide comprehensive home evaluations, make recommendations and instruct on the use of adaptive equipment, treat problems with hand dexterity and visual problems, as well as many other services.

Speech Language Pathology: Speech-Language Pathologists help seniors with speech and language, swallowing disorders and issues with cognitive loss.

Medicare and most insurances are accepted.  For more information, contact Brian DesPres, Rehabilitation Manager at 207-221-7000 or bdespres@thecedarsportland.org