A Vision of Health: Dynavision 2 at The Cedars Rehabilitation

Dynavision 2“The Dynavision can be used by all three of our rehabilitation disciplines … it really helps motivate everyone.” – HEIDI GRAF

The Dynavision 2 is a cutting-edge therapeutic tool designed to improve the visual and motor skills of professional athletes.  It builds strength, balance and range of motion, decreases reaction time and sharpens cognition.

Today, you’ll find a Dynavision in over 1,000 hospitals and athletic departments nationwide.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of The Cedars Auxiliary, you’ll also find one in The S.L. Cohen Rehabilitation Center’s therapy gym.

The Dynavision 2 had an immediate impact on our therapeutic programming.  “It can be used by all three of our rehabilitation disciplines,” raves Heidi Graf, OTR/L, and Rehabilitation Manager.  “It can be graded to give each patient a successful experience.  It really helps motivate everyone.”

Occupational Therapist Kelsi Royer is working on her clinical doctorate in occupational therapy while working at The Cedars.  She studies patients with vision deficits and helped establish a Vision Program at The Cedars.  The Dynavision 2 has become a key assessment and treatment tool in this exciting new program.

The Cedars Vision Program benefits seniors who have suffered a stroke, or who have macular degeneration, cataracts or vision loss.  The Dynavision 2 helps stroke patients with visual field loss and their ability to sustain attention, and all patients with visual processing and hand-eye coordination.

“We pre-program the Dynavision according to the abilities of the patient,” Heidi explains.  “We can decide to light any or all of the quadrants.  If you want to work on divided attention, for instance, you can add math problems in the center-screen.”

The Cedars thanks The Cedars Auxiliary and its donors for helping our patients visualize a healthier tomorrow.  For more information on rehabilitation at The Cedars, call 207-221-7000.


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